A blog for fans of the wonderful world of golf.  Betting, analysis, opinions, features, stats and previews on everything PGA and European.  Our writing will be different to anything you’ve read regarding golf, we are young writers, with fresh ideas, trying to create a unique outlook on the sport.

We will strive to deliver the best selections possible, so we can all make some money on the way!

We are expanding week on week and are now producing videos and articles on a whole host of topics across golf. We will be regularly updating our news and video sections. One big passion of ours is pushing golf for the younger generation and those less privileged, raising awareness of a sport that is often perceived as ‘upper class’.


Two young 20-somethings from sunny England decided last summer to take a look at the golf betting market.  After some very solid returns, they decided to construct a golf blog, feeding information to the masses. With a passion for the sport and an increasing knowledge, DownThe18th was created.


We will never give false odds, false selections, false opinions or false results. What you see is what you get! If any “tipster” out there tells you how amazing their profit is etc do not take it literally. Usually it is b*******! With us, we will tell the truth, from our winners to our losers!

As we are both younger than your usual golf addict, we will hopefully give plenty of laughs and a different perspective on the sport.  Remember, golf is changing – it is trying desperately to become a younger persons game!

For the good of golf and humanity, follow us and lets have a cracking year!

If you have any questions, please email us at DownThe18th@hotmail.co.uk or get in touch via twitter – @DownThe18th.

All pictures are courtesy of Getty Images


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good site with some original,non biased thinking evident. Particularly thorough on the majors last year where a great sense of anticipation builds up through multi-part, informative previews.

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