Staffordshire golf club helping people with diabetes

1977651_10152096932279678_420627824_oThe Three Hammers Golf Complex, based near Wolverhampton, has been helping a group of diabetes sufferers lead a healthier lifestyle as part of their treatment programme.

The X-PERT diabetes course is a leading programme of education for people with or at risk of diabetes. It tries to improve health and the quality of life, whilst managing the condition.

Director of golf at the Three Hammers, Rob Bluck, realised that golf can help run alongside the programme, to build the sport into the lives of people who didn’t realise its potential to help and comfort.

Introduction to golf lessons included how to build a swing, long and short game coaching and on-course experience.

One participant in these maiden sessions was Sally Davies, who was diagnosed with diabetes in December 2011.

“Even though I had never been interested in golf I decided to give it a try. I attended the first session and I really enjoyed myself.” She stated.

“As the course progressed I also felt the benefits in my physical fitness as I was getting an all-round work out! As well as learning a new sport, I have really enjoyed the social side to it as I made some new friends.

“As well as physically and socially benefiting from the golf session, I also feel that it really helped me mentally – I am enjoying the feel good factor and it is giving me an interest to focus on – I can even pass my new skills on to my friends and family!”

Get Into GolfThese highly intuitive golf sessions are part of the national Get Into Golf initiative and Gareth Shaw, development officer for the Staffordshire CGP is aware how golf can really help everyone and anyone.

“We are keen to develop links with local health partners and community groups who feel that the people they work with would benefit from trying a new sport which provides exercise and fresh air, such as golf.”

Here at Downthe18th, we are huge advocates for people getting into this wonderful sport and when the public realise how it can help millions of people and the likes of Sally, then maybe, just maybe, the perception is changing


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